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Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types

April 24th, 2021

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First, a little history… The WordPress platform was originally developed as a “Blog” tool – a platform for creating blog “posts.” Several years ago, someone realized WP would also be a great tool for building websites, and the custom post type, “PAGE” was born.

Although Pages are where most of your site content is contained (Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc.), Posts, are equally important. Highly utilized by the search engines, think of posts as News items, Articles, Special Notices or other features that would be updated or “posted” on a regular basis. Your website’s main “News” page is simply a collection of excerpts from those posts/articles.

Pages vs Posts vs OTHER Custom Post Types (CPT)

Some websites also require unique sections for other custom post types such as “Events,” or “Videos.”  By creating a separate CPT we now have the flexibility to customize the single post template with special fields for details not needed in the typical “NEWS” post. A good example would be a Video CPT, set-up for automated imports from YouTube ( or an Event CPT with an event date, location, and event fees. Your specific website needs dictate whether additional CPT’s are necessary.

Below we provide a diagram for the location of your posts, pages and other custom post types. From these 3 administrative areas, you can edit or create new posts/pages/cpt’s. Be sure to read the linked articles for information about how to edit and add posts and pages. We also offer tips to keep in mind when editing.

Posts (News items) → Dashboard → Posts

Pages (Homepage, About Us, Contact, etc.) → Dashboard → Pages

(Custom Post Type) (Videos, Events, etc.) → Dashboard → (CPT) Name (Contact your developer for specifics on your custom post type)