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Social Media Marketing — Increase brand awareness, affordable advertising, improve customer service

Social media marketing by Small DetailsIt’s no secret that social media has changed and improved how businesses connect and build relationships with customers. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to grow as an important marketing tool, and it’s easy to see why! There are millions of active users on these platforms, and with proper planning and knowledge Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a very successful form of advertising!

Benefits of SMM:

  • Increase brand awareness– With so many active monthly users on Facebook (1.35 BILLION), Twitter (284 MILLION), and Linkedin (332 MILLION), social media platforms are a great way to get your name out there! Brand awareness also leads to more brand searches and will increase your search engine ranking. (These numbers are not exact… the networks continue to grow every day!)
  • Great way to see what’s in demand– Using monitoring tools and posts by potential customers and competition allows you to stay up to date on interests in your industry.
  • Affordable advertising– Ads allow you to set details such as budget, running length, and targeted audience. With a minimal budget you can reach thousands of people. (Our plans include ads).
  • Increased traffic to website– 1 in 5 page views happen on Facebook. Posting interesting content regularly will send people to your website, which will increase search engine ranking and build your network immensely.
  • Multiple tracking tools allow you to monitor success– Keeping track of engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) and page visits helps you understand what people want to see so you can change your strategy accordingly.
  • Ability to target desired audience– Targeting through location, age, sex, and interests to reach the appropriate people.
  • Improve customer service – Responding quickly to questions, requests, and complaints to build customer relations.

Implementing a social media plan does require time and dedication; however, if maintained properly, social media will generate traffic, build a strong brand, and distribute your content across the web.

Small Details Social Media services:

Want to reach MORE potential customers? The Small Details Team will evaluate your marketing goals and generate a social media plan designed exclusively for your business. We offer plans starting at $200/month, and will create special plans to meet YOUR budget. Plans include a monthly Ads budget (Promotional Facebook and/or Twitter posts)!

Our Team is available to assist in your maintenance needs including creating and regularly updating pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin), and creating / sharing blog posts. We focus on developing valuable content in order to promote your brand and expand your network. Contact Small Details to determine which social media tools will help grow your business. In the meantime, click on the (header) icons to visit our Facebook, Twitter pages and LinkedIn profile to see which tools we use for OUR business.

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