Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key ingredient for every website!

Small Details offers search engine optimization SEO website servicesEvery day we’re asked “How can I move my site to a top position with the search engines?”. Promoting your website has become increasingly more important as the level of competition intensifies. The higher you appear in the search engine rankings, the more visitors your site is likely to experience. An affective SEO strategy increases your chance of appearing at, or near, the top of search rankings.

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the process of improving the visibility of a website for the search engines. This can be accomplished through the use of paid (Google) ad campaigns or by using “organic” methods, which is the preferred method and focus of Small Details.

SEO Tools / Google Analytics

Through the maze of resources and information, certain companies always seem to rise to the top. Over the last decade GOOGLE has introduced a number of tools including their “Analytics” service, which generates detailed statistics about site visitors and enables website owners and developers to fine-tune their internet marketing strategy. As a service to our customers, Google Analytics is integrated into each Small Details website*. In addition, we provide “Analytics Reporting,” which helps you make informed decisions about how to increase your conversions and profits!

Monthly, Quarterly, or “On-request” Google Analytics Reporting Services
These comprehensive reports provide website traffic statistics along with terminology definitions, significant facts and figures brought to light by the data collection. We also offer recommendations for potential website enhancements that may impact search engine rankings.

Cost: Hourly, ranging from two (@ $50/hr — $100) to four (@ $50/hr — $200) hours depending on the size of your website. We also offer the option of customizing the focus of your reports to lower costs and decrease the amount of reading material.

» Click for a sample (monthly) ANALYTICS REPORT

Keyword Importance

Google is king. There’s no doubt about it. So naturally website developers spend a good part of our time staying informed about current guidelines for designing a Google/search-engine friendly website for our clients. During the development process of your website, we focus on “keyword density” in your page/post content. Keeping in mind search engine algorithms perform extensive cross-checking during the indexing of your webpage, we make sure the keywords or keyphrases listed in your text actually describe your product or service.

Search engines eliminate sites packed with irrelevant keywords, designed to attract customers but offering no valid information.

Small Details Strategy

Small Details employs the most up-to-date SEO tools and methods of promoting your website to the search engines. We include these services in most website design and development packages. Of course, when additional measures are needed, such as AdWord or pay-per-click campaigns, we’re here to help with a group of affiliates who have the expertise to manage even the most aggressive ppc marketing strategy.

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