Meet the Team

Deborah H. “Deb” Smith

Owner, Website Design & Development

“Fascination with the mechanics behind the ‘web’ in the mid-1990’s led to a full-time career in 2003, when Small Details was first launched. The passion never faded. Armed with a solid understanding of HTML, and an artistic background, the natural progression of web design and development set the stage for our current business model. With the introduction of WordPress as a ‘content management system’ in that same timeframe, our paths gradually met and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Responsibilities: Theme design, styles, slide development and integration, project oversight.

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Jenifer “Jenn” Comegys

Online Marketing Strategist

“In 2014, I decided it was time for a career change. It didn’t take long to realize I had found my calling in content and social media marketing strategy. Since then, my passion for results and client satisfaction has led the way in my relentless pursuit of further knowledge in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

Strategy, analysis and research, content relevancy, and copywriting are what would be considered my forte. I also enjoy developing social media ads for targeted markets.”

Responsibilities: Strategy development & implementation, Search Engine Optimization, research & analytics, content creation.

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Victor K. Aken

Director of Operations, Project Manager

“As the proud father of three daughters, over the years, I have been given the opportunity to truly refine the art of patience, listening, and communication… all of which have helped shape my approach to business solutions and collaborations. My experience includes over 15 years of managing multi-unit operations across a wide array of industries. Open lines of communication, strong motivational leadership, and team collaboration are key in forming a successful team and the foundation of stability and longevity. It is this belief that allows me the confidence to hold our standards higher than our competitors’ and the ability to deliver a quality product that ensures complete satisfaction! This is my commitment.”

Responsibilities: Project management/oversight, ADA/WCAG Compliance.

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Michele May


“After my first internship, I discovered my true passion. I’ve spent the last 12 years programming websites and web applications for a variety of industries. Since the Web is constantly evolving, I have also spent those years learning. I’ve become proficient in multiple programming and scripting languages, and in using my skills to help customize websites to meet (and in some cases, exceed) client expectations as well as to enhance the user experience. I love what I do, and my ultimate goal is to ensure that all clients are 100% satisfied with the end product they receive.”

Responsibilities: Programming including User registration/integration, SSL, site security, forms, slide integration.

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