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Domain Registration Continues
to be One of Today’s Biggest Bargains

Often referred to as “domains,” domain names serve most commonly as a hostname–an internet “label” for identifying a company, organization or personal website location.

Domains are “purchased” or registered for an annual fee through any of a number of “Registrars” in the U.S. and abroad. Registering a domain name does not mean you own it, however you are given exclusive use of the name for the duration of the registration period, which can be renewed.

Often, registering the domain name of your choice can present challenges. (See our post “Domain Name Difficulties“). According to resources, as of December, 2010 there were 196 million* active websites. Of those, 81.8 million were using “dot-com” domain names. Also, in many cases dot-com’s not in use have been registered for resale purposes. It’s no wonder finding a suitable domain can be so tricky…

That’s where Small Details can HELP. With well-over 500 successful domain registrations, we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the business of domain registration–not to mention website development and domain name/website hosting!

Small Details will explore the available options for you, then since time is of the essence, promptly provide the pro’s and cons of each option. We will secure your name(s) of choice &/or act on your behalf, should there be a third-party involved in the transaction (such as a domain re-seller).

Concerned about the added cost of these services? Don’t Be! Small Details does not add hefty fees to the cost of registration. Instead, in many cases we provide the service for LESS than what you would pay if you’d registered the name(s) yourself!

Click for a list of currently available domain extensions or get in touch with us TODAY!