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To get started, from your Dashboard click on “Pages”, “All Pages” (or “Posts,” “All Posts”) and then one of your individual pages/posts to see the content. As we mentioned, we’ll be working with the text editor and related icons located directly above the editor field (box).

    • To edit existing text, highlight the words or paragraph you wish to change and copy/paste or type over it (as you would in any other text editing program such as Microsoft Word or email – SEE “Editing Tips” for Notepad references!).
    • If that’s everything you need to do click the blue “Update” button in the upper right to SAVE your work (see screenshot-blue button circled in red. This button will display “Publish” for newly created pages).
    • Other editing options include:

If there is anything else you need to edit within this page, please get in touch to discuss the options!

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