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Image & Content Carousels

April 24th, 2021

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A carousel is probably one of the easier tools to work with. Our choice for a carousel plugin has been Wonder Carousel Pro, which is part of the Wonder Plugin “bundle.” To access a carousel already added to your website, go to:

Dashboard → “Wonder Carousel Pro” → “Manage Carousels” → (Mouseover ID number) select “Edit.”

There you can add images, edit/replace existing images or delete images. These are drag/drop, which makes it a breeze. Before you add new icons/logos, please be aware that “size matters.”  You should ALWAYS try to use a moderate image size – recommended no larger than 650px wide (about 5 inches) or 600px in height. The only exception is the homepage slider, where you need a specific size to prevent it from blurring at larger dimensions.

To add or replace use the “Add Image” button. In the next panel select “Upload.” That will open your Media Library with an “Upload files” tab next to it. If you’ve already uploaded the image to your library simply select it from the group. If not, click “Upload files” and either drag/drop from your computer OR use “Select files.” Keep in mind anything you upload to the site’s library will stay there unless you permanently delete it! ALWAYS delete files that are no longer in use!!

Once the image file has been uploaded or selected click “OK.” At that point you can drag it to the appropriate location in the list. If it refuses to drag for any reason, use the “Move Up” / Move Down links. When you’re satisfied click the blue “Save & Publish” button. Check your work and revisit to make any adjustments.

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Please be aware there are MANY options with these plugins, which is a good thing, but it’s very easy to get lost in those options. Always make sure to note the original settings for ANYTHING you change.

As far as creating a new carousel we want to say that although it isn’t difficult, it does come with a number of settings that can be challenging. For that reason we’ll cover this topic in the near future! In the meantime, please get in touch if you have questions or if you need to have a carousel added to your website.