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Updating the WordPress Platform

July 24th, 2021

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WordPress is open source software with almost unlimited options as far as special features. It’s safe to say there is a “plugin” for just about anything you can dream of when planning “bells and whistles.”

Installation and set-up of WordPress is something typically handled by your design/development team, in this case Small Details. Once the system has been installed and your theme integrated, we’re ready to go. However, that doesn’t mean you can walk away and close the door behind you! Much like your desktop and mobile operating system, the WordPress platform will need occasional attention in the form of “updates.” You do, however, have the option to auto-update WordPress, as well as a “One Click” option. If you’re interested in a Tech Maintenance/SUPPORT plan, Small Details will handle WordPress AND plugin updates for you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What to do BEFORE initiating a WordPress Update…

If you do a fair amount of content editing it’s a good idea to make frequent backups of your website. If you rarely edit (quarterly or less) you should (at the very least) back-up your site before you update the WordPress system. We provide additional information on how to back-up here: Site Backups.

That said, we’ll go over how to update WordPress.

WordPress updates become available every 120 days (give or take). The only exception is a special security patch that needs to be released sooner. You’ll know your site needs a software update through an “update message” in your Admin Screen… located near the top once you’re logged in. There will be an update link within that message, which is safe to click and follow. You may be prompted once or twice after you’ve clicked but follow the prompts as far as the next step. Please be patient as this can take a few minutes. During that time your website may display a “temporary maintenance” message and you’ll need to wait before taking any further administrative actions. When the update is complete you’ll see a large screen graphic touting the many new features available in the update. Please be sure to update any plugins in need. You can read more about “how to” here!

To read more about WordPress and specifically, their updates visit WordPress.