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Editing With Elementor

April 24th, 2021

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“Elementor” is an advanced page/developer tool with visual aids and a “block” building concept that has become increasingly popular. If your site has been equipped with Elementor, there are unique guidelines and instructions to help you maintain the site.

Although WordPress in itself is a content management system, Elementor offers “more on-the-spot” customization for those who wish to be more hands-on. PLEASE get in touch to discuss which sections of your site can be edited using Elementor BEFORE you jump in.  Since there is a chance we have custom fields and features built into your site it’s sometimes difficult to “turn back” once you’ve clicked that “Edit with Elementor” button!

Once you establish that use of Elementor will not interfere with the page template, you can begin to manage your content through the use of their tools. Below we also provide a Help/FAQ link we found to be helpful in working with the Elementor system. Although there is a learning curve, these resources will help you understand the essentials:

Of course, we also offer our services to help maintain the content on your site OR to help you learn more about simple editing technique for day to day maintenance.