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Domain Services

April 24th, 2021

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A “Domain” is the dot-com, dot-net, or dot-org address… or URL used to access your website.

Outside of the industry itself, domain services – registration, renewal, and domain transfers are not something most people are aware of, but they can present themselves as a website roadblock if you don’t have someone familiar with the process.

As we’ve explained previously in Domain Name Services, many dot-com’s not in use have been registered for resale purposes, so finding a suitable domain can be tricky. Of course, a dot-com domain is always the most desirable – so being creative, we’ll come up with a list of dot-com options and provide pro’s and cons for each. In addition, we’ll offer domain extension alternatives to help find the right “fit” for your new website (see below). Best of all we’ll pass along our Small Details (bulk) domain DISCOUNT to you, our customer. In many cases we provide the service for LESS than what you would pay if you’d registered the name(s) yourself!

A small sampling of the many domain extensions currently available (May, 2021):

  • .associates
  • .attorney
  • .auto
  • .beauty
  • .best
  • .blog
  • .boutique
  • .business
  • .care
  • .catering
  • .cleaning
  • .company
  • .contact
  • .dance
  • .delivery
  • .dental
  • .education
  • .equipment
  • .faith
  • .finance…

Click for MORE available domain extensions.

Domain Transfer Assistance

Navigating a domain transfer can be frustrating. Companies who currently hold the “key” to your domain registration (“Registrar”) don’t like losing the business. For that reason, if you’re needing to transfer your domain to another company they will make it as difficult as they possibly can. That’s where Small Details can HELP.

With well-over 500 successful domain registrations, we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the business of domain transfer, registration and renewal. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Get in touch with us TODAY to help secure your new domain or provide transfer assistance. Let us sort it out!