RESPONSIVE Website Design & Development

Interested in creating a business website? Considering Strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or upgrading an existing website to a “Responsive” design or Content Management System for self-maintenance? You’ve come to the right place.

The Small Details Team will work closely with you to determine exactly what your company is looking for. No template-driven sites here! We will create a professionally-built, customized website you will be proud of.

In the process, Small Details and our affiliates can manage ALL aspects of your website from design to hosting, domain name registration (if needed), e-mail account set-up, and introductory staff training.


Target Audience: “Who?”
When designing a website, the single most important factor to be considered is the nature of the targeted “audience”… who they are. A successful website will appeal to that audience, draw their attention and encourage them to interact.

Research Your Topic: “What?”
The next step in development is research. We do the “leg-work”. Through various resources, we examine your industry or area of interest, find out exactly what it is your customers/visitors are looking for, and how to direct that “traffic” to your site.

Effective Design: “Where is it and HOW do I get there from here?”
In this fast-paced world, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find information in the midst of a cluttered website or worse yet, a site that lends no “navigational” clue! Providing information in a simple, yet attractive format makes for a pleasant internet “experience”. In addition, making the site easy to maneuver will encourage customers to make contact or return to the site for more.

Fresh Material: “Why?”
Out of date material indicates disorganization. Just as maintenance is important to a structure or piece of machinery, so is it to a website. We provide ongoing essential website maintenance and updates. Pages with charts, dollar amounts or other variables may require frequent updates, but most web-pages require only minor adjustments to keep them fresh, up-to-date and well-organized!

Through the combination of research, simplicity, creativity and reliable maintenance we produce professional internet results. These results benefit your company and your customer… a win-win situation. We hope you will consider our services for your advertising and/or website needs. It would be our pleasure!

Browse our (newly upgraded) RESPONSIVE website and be sure to read “Responsive Web Design… What is it?” or of course, contact us today and…

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